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চিনের মোবাইল কোম্পানি ভারতীয় ইউজার্সদের ...

চিনের মোবাইল কোম্পানি ভারতীয় ইউজার্সদের ডাটা চুরি করছে...

সরকার 21টি মোবাইল কোম্পানিকে নোটিস পাঠিয়েছে, যার মধ্যে ভিভো, ওপ্পো, সাওমি আর জিওনির মতন কোম্পানির নামও আছে। এই... read more »

এবার পাসপোর্ট ভেরিফিকেশানের জন্য পুলিসের...

এবার পাসপোর্ট ভেরিফিকেশানের জন্য পুলিসের কাছে যেতে হবে না...

সরকার পাসপোর্টের জন্য পুলিস ভেরিফিকেশানের ব্যবস্থা আরও সহজ করে দিয়েছে। এবার আপনি অনালাইনেও ভেরিফিকেশান করতে... read more »

Crash test: games in review

Crash test: games in review

TRISTAN Ogilvie reviews the latest games including XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Pokemon and Way of the Samurai 4. XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN [MA] PC/PS3/Xbox 360, $69.95/$89.95 Rating: 4/5 A re-imagining of a classic PC strategy game from the mid-90s, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is built around the Earth’s defence... read more »

The far-crying game: Far Cry 3 focused o...

The far-crying game: Far Cry 3 focused on story

STORY and character were never the strong suit of the Far Cry series. But all that’s about to change. At a recent preview of the game attended by News.com.au, it was clear that Ubisoft Montreal have taken the task of creating Far Cry 3’s story very seriously indeed. The game thrusts you... read more »

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Facebook beefs up its security, adds tools for mobile devices

Facebook Inc., operator of the world’s largest social network, is bolstering efforts to make its services more secure with seven new partners and new tools for mobile... read more »

Loblaw cuts 700 Toronto head office jobs

The decision by Loblaw Companies Limited to chop 700 jobs from the payroll in administration and at head office in Brampton on Tuesday was met with mixed reviews from analysts and... read more »

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—the Best of Their Reunion Pics!

Did anyone really think Robsten wouldn’t survive a little cheating scandal? Of course not. Since word of their much-anticipated reconciliation broke this week, the Twilight twosome... read more »

Lance Armstrong steps down as head of foundation, gets dropped by Nike

In his first acknowledgment that his personal brand has been damaged by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s voluminous account of what it characterized as “serial cheating” throughout his... read more »

Market vendors at a stall in Hebron Old City

Stifled West Bank economy drains Palestinians’ hopes

Passers-by linger in front of the window displays on a main shopping street in central Hebron but seem reluctant to enter the stores. In the old market, vendors call out their wares but are largely... read more »